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Our charging partner is EO

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Having an electric vehicle charge point fitted at home is a great way to make the most of your electric vehicle. It gives you the option to charge your car whenever it is at home and can turn out to be particularly economical.

There are a few things to consider when planning to install a home charge point - the good is that KGM's affiliate partner, EO, offers a one-stop service that is convenient, cost-effective and packed with benefits.


Contact your KGM dealer now and start enjoying convenient, smart home charging.


About EO

KGM has partnered with EO, a leading technology solutions provider in the EV sector. EO deploys EV charging stations, hardware-agnostic cloud-based software, electrical installation, grid upgrades and ongoing service and maintenance. EO also provides this end-to-end solution that requires mission critical infrastructure. Founded in 2014, EO's technology is used by customers directly for home charging, by a number of the worlds largest businesses and fleet operators, and it now distributes to over 35 countries across the world.


EO Charging previously announced an agreement for a business combination with First Reserve Sustainable Growth Corp. (NASDAQ: FRSG), which is expected to result in EO Charging becoming a public company listed on the NASDAQ exchange. EO was ranked number 27 on the Financial Times' FT1000 list of Europe's fastest-growing companies. To learn more, please visit and follow EO on X and LinkedIn.

EO Charger features

  • Up to 7kW charging capacity
  • Untethered (universal) or tethered unit
  • Exclusive 7-year warranty on Mini Pro 2 in association with KGM
  • 3-year warranty and standard installation included on other products
  • Auto power balancing to safely manage electrical load (recommended)
  • Preferential price for customers referred by a KGM authorised dealer
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Why install a home charger?

An electric car's charging speed is measured in kilowatt (kW). The UK network of charging facilities is constantly growing to meet the growing popularity of electric cars and some public charging points provide 100 kW "rapid-charging" output. 


At home, your electric vehicle charging point can usually deliver 7kW whereas a regular three-pin socket can only provide up to 2.3kW. Having a home charger will provide much faster charging for your vehicle.

Charge prices 


Charging your electric vehicle at home is particularly economical. This translates in a cost per mile that is far less than that of a conventional petrol or diesel car. What's more, you can reduce costs further when opting for a dedicated EV energy tariff. These tariffs usually offer reduced pricing for overnight, off-peak charging.

What difference does it make?


Example above based on a 61.5KWh/ah battery

what's included in a standard installation?

The standard installation package covers the majority of homes in the UK. If you aren't sure whether you come under our standard installation scheme simply get in touch with one of EO's Home Install experts at - they'll be happy to advise the best solution for your installation.

Standard installation includes:


  • Fitting of the charger on a suitable permanent structure (e.g. a brick or plaster wall).
  • Routing of the cable through a single wall of up to half a metre thickness.
  • Up to 15 metres of cable, run and neatly clipped to the wall between the consumer unit and the charge point (up to a height of 1.8m).
  • All electrical connections at the origin of the supply and charger.
  • Supply and installation of a Garo device with built in RCBO or equivalent. 
  • Up to 3 metres of plastic conduit or trunking to conceal interior wiring.
  • Electrical testing and NICEIC certification.
  • Demonstration of the charger functions and the EO Smart Home app.

installing a home charger

Getting a charge installed at your home is easier than you think. There are a few things to consider when planning to install a home charge point - the good news is that KGM's affiliate partner, EO, offers a one-stop service that is convenient, cost-effective and packed with benefits.

How it works 

  1. Register for an installation
    Visit your local KGM dealer and register with our affiliate partner, EO.
  2. Provide a few details and photos
    Location, fuse box and other important aspects - to prepare a smooth approval and installation.
  3. Government support?
    You may also be asked for documents to prove your eligible for any available government support. 
  4. EO Home installation
    An EO Approved Installer then comes to your home.

Frequently asked questions