More than 70-years of 'Korean can do'

Imagine how good you'd be at something if you'd done it every day for 70 years or more. That's how long KGM has been making motor vehicles in various guises. We've been crafting the Korando since 1983. Durability and outstanding performance have always been at the very heart of what we do. That's why we're good at it. Here's our path to the latest generation:

4th generation



Today, the latest Korando is a testament to this strong SUV heritage, while also spearheading new technologies and future-facing features that are sure to serve as game-changers in the segment.


3rd generation



From the first monocoque body design SUV in 2011, to today's 4th generation Korando, KGM's rich 70 year history in innovative thinking and ground-breaking design is clear in every inch of its finely crafted vehicles


2nd generation



The name itself is a contraction of the slogan "Korean Can Do" and points to the outstanding versatility of this SUV; for KGM it has always been a vehicle that leads the way.


1st generation



Since its first iteration in 1983, durability and outstanding performance have always been the essence of Korando.


Our full story

From humble beginnings in the Ha Dong-Hwan Motor workshop in 1954, KGM continues to evolve and now leads the charge with a range of award-winning vehicles. The knowledge and experience that has been gained in 70 years of production is the reason why all vehicles in the range have a comprehensive 5-year warranty.