musso safety


protecting you and yours

The Musso benefits from the latest in safety technology, its advanced features working to protect occupants, other road users and pedestrians, both in determining the risk of an impending accident and in the event of a collision.

The Musso also features impact absorbing elements in the steering wheel and steering column to minimise injuries from a frontal collision, while the structure and materials employed in the frontal area of the body are designed to improve safety.


Braking aids

Electronic stability programme (esp)

ESP constantly monitors road conditions and vehicle status and automatically adjusts engine output and braking whenever the driver is about to lose control. It integrates the ABS, active rollover protection, anti-slip regulation and brake-force assist.

electronic brakeforce distribution (ebd)

EBD-ABS distributes brake force appropriately to the front and rear wheels according to the vehicle's load of passengers and/or cargo.

Brake assist system (BAS)

When this electronically controlled system senses the driver applying emergency braking it assists by applying maximum braking effort automatically to reduce the vehicles braking distance and to help avoid an accident.


blind spot detection

This safety feature senses vehicles coming up in the blind spot behind, the system warns with a flashing light on the outside mirror. 


rear cross traffic warning

Using rear-corner radars, the system helps to prevent backing into cross traffic by providing alerts when vehicles are detected.


Trailer sway control

Improves stability by detecting and automatically stabilising yaw-movement and sway of the trailer whilst being towed by the vehicle.


lane change collision warning

LCCW detects vehicles rapidly approaching from behind and flashes a warning light on the outside mirror, to alert the driver.