rexton safety


protecting you and yours

Safety is paramount. A shock absorbing crash zone protects passengers, the ultra-rigid Quad frame delivers unsurpassed safety, and the exterior is designed to minimise injuries to pedestrians. 


The new Rexton is built on extremely strong foundations. Its body-on-frame construction is built using 1.5Gpa ultra-strength steel. In fact, 81.7% of the steel in the car's body uses high-strength, high-density, high-tensile steel. 


For maximum passenger protection on impact, the car is equipped with 9 air bags. The most in its class.


Braking aids

autonomous emergency braking (AEB)

 If a collision appears imminent Forward Collision Warning (FCW) will warn the driver, and if there is insufficient response Autonomous Emergency Braking (AEB) will intervene with appropriate braking force to stop the vehicle or minimise damage.


Electronic stability programme (esp)

ESP constantly monitors road conditions and vehicle status and automatically adjusts engine output and braking whenever the driver is about to lose control. It integrates the ABS, active rollover protection, anti-slip regulation and brake-force assist.

electronic brakeforce distribution (ebd)

EBD-ABS distributes brake force appropriately to the front and rear wheels according to the vehicle’s load of passengers and/or cargo.

brake assist system (bas)

When this electronically controlled system senses the driver applying emergency braking it assists by applying maximum braking effort automatically to reduce the vehicle’s braking distance and to help avoid an accident.

Safety aids


lane change collision warning

Available on K40 and K50 models, LCCW detects vehicles rapidly approaching from behind and flashes a warning light on the outside mirror, to alert the driver.


lane departure warning

Lane Departure Warning (LDW) is designed to alert the driver that the vehicle is about to deviate from a traffic lane. Lane Keeping Assist (LKA) then helps the car stay toward the centre of the lane by applying a small amount of counter-steering force.


speed limit warning

Detects an upcoming traffic sign, applies character recognition software to read it, and relays the icon to the infotainment display.


safety distance warning

Detects the distance to the vehicle ahead and warns the driver when a safe distance is not properly secured.


front start vehicle warning

The system warns the driver when the front vehicle begins to move forward from a still position.


High beam assist

Automatically lowers the high beams when an approaching vehicle is detected, making night-driving easier.


Blind spot detection

This safety feature senses vehicles coming up in the blind spot behind, the system warns with a flashing light on the outside mirror. It's available on K40 and K50 models. 


rear cross traffic warning

Rexton K40 and K50 models use rear-corner radars, the system helps to prevent backing into cross traffic by providing alerts when vehicles are detected.


Trailer sway control

Improves stability by detecting and automatically stabilizing yaw-movement and sway of the trailer whilst being towed by the vehicle.